We offer investment opportunity in the form of mediation of the purchase of an apartment situated directly on the ski slope (ski-in, ski -out) at an altitude of 1500 m above sea level in the popular tourist area of ​​Montafon. The project is located in the romantic, mountain village of Gargellen, in the unique Hochmontafons and in the side valley of Montafon near the Swiss border. It is a top destination in winter with a certainty of snow and the possibility of renting in both seasons. The investment is very interesting as it ensures a consistently high occupancy of holiday apartments and thus a profitable return. Gargellen as well as the Rätikon and Silvretta mountains are a real Eldorado for skiers, snowboarders and hikers. Apartments are sold in 3 houses, a total of 60 apartments. Each apartment has one parking space. There is also a common area – lobby, bar and reception.

You can choose from ten different apartment sizes that are designed to create the basis for optimal use of living space. The interior consists of classic and modern furnishings. All apartments are equipped with quality materials and are mainly composed of modern equipment. There will be a very pleasant climate and a relaxing and cozy atmosphere in the living room. Kitchens and dining rooms are equipped with natural materials with modern elements, incorporated into the last detail, which invite you to a pleasant and relaxing moments.

Planned completion of the project in autumn 2021!

Why choose this project?

  • apartments are right on the ski slope, ski in – ski out
  • high quality equipment
  • ensuring short-term rental with the possibility of its own use
  • investment yield 3.6% to 5.0% p.a.
  • some apartments can be equipped with their own sauna or steam room spa – on request
  • Zurich-Kloten Airport (distance approx. 150 km – 2 hours)
  • Altenrhein Airport (distanced approximately 75 km – 1 hour)
  • Friedrichshafen Airport (distanced approximately 100 km – 1 hour)
  • Memmingen Airport (distanced approximately 160 km – 2 hours)
  • Innsbruck Airport (distanced approximately 160 km – 2 hours)
  • Golf lovers can visit the nine-hole course at Tschagguns


Prices are for guidance only, on request we will send you the price according to the current valid price list.

APT/ RoomFloorSize In SQ.M.Teracce m2Number of roomsDispozitionPrice without VATSales status
1-1.012. Basement56.022,5 m²3-€ 401 500sold
1-1.022. Basement56.022,5 m²3-€ 386 550sold
1-1.031. Basement56.522,7 m²3-€ 406 550sold
1-1.041. Basement56.522,7 m²3-€ 423000sold
1-1.051. Basement28.09,9 m²1-€ 195000reserved
1-1.061. Basement40.016,6 m²2-€ 273000sold
1-1.07Ground floor56.523,1 m²3-€ 412 550sold
1-1.08Ground floor56.527,7 m²3-€ 428500sold
1-1.09Ground floor28.011,8 m²1-€ 200500sold
1-1.10Ground floor40.011,8 m²2-€ 289000sold
1-1.111. Floor56.525,1 m²3-€ 417 550sold
1-1.121. Floor56.511,8 m²3-€ 401 500sold
1-1.141. Floor40.011,8 m²2-€ 278500sold
1-1.151. Floor40.011,8 m²2-€ 278 550sold
1-1.162. Floor50.011,4 m²3-€ 370 550sold
1-1.172. Floor50.011,4 m²3-€ 355 550sold
1-1.182. Floor45.511,5 m²2-€ 351000sold
1-1.192. Floor45.511,5 m²2-€ 367000sold
2-2.011. Floor61.012,4 m²3 Plan € 457000sold
2-2.021. Floor61.012,4 m²3 Plan € 424 710sold
2-2.032. Floor56.514,1 m²3 Plan € 418 530sold
2-2.042. Floor56.514,1 m²3 Plan € 418000sold
2-2.052. Floor40.014,1 m²2 Plan € 259 910sold
2-2.062. Floor40.021,6 m²2 Plan € 257 799sold
2-2.073. Floor56.511,8 m²3 Plan € 423 680sold
2-2.083. Floor56.511,8 m²3 Plan € 428500sold
2-2.093. Floor40.011,8 m²2 Plan € 273000sold
2-2.103. Floor40.011,8 m²2 Plan € 275 360sold
2-2.114. Floor56.523,2 m²3 Plan € 428 830sold
2-2.124. Floor56.520,6 m²3 Plan € 434000sold
2-2.144. Floor40.014,4 m²2 Plan € 265 060sold
2-2.154. Floor40.020,4 m²2-€ 275 360sold
2-2.165. Floor50.011,4 m²3 Plan € 400500sold
2-2.175. Floor50.011,4 m²3 Plan € 384500sold
2-2.185. Floor45.511,5 m²2-€ 324 550sold
2-2.195. Floor45.511,5 m²2 Plan € 367000sold
3-3.01Ground floor50.013,7 m²2 Plan € 340000sold
3-3.02Ground floor50.013,7 m²2 Plan € 340000vacant
3-3.03Ground floor50.013,7 m²2 Plan € 340000vacant
3-3.04Ground floor50.013,7 m²2 Plan € 340000vacant
3-3.05Ground floor50.013,5 m²2 Plan € 340000vacant
3-3.06Ground floor66.610,4 m²2 Plan € 457000vacant
3-3.07Ground floor65.317,4 m²3 Plan € 457000vacant
3-3.08Ground floor71.916,1 m²3 Plan € 467500vacant
3-3.091. Floor65.236,2 m²4 Plan € 524000sold
3-3.101. Floor72.823,4 m²4 Plan € 557500sold
3-3.111. Floor72.814,1 m²4 Plan € 557500sold
3-3.121. Floor65.214,1 m²4 Plan € 524000vacant
3-3.142. Floor65.214 m²4 Plan € 524000sold
3-3.152. Floor72.814 m²4 Plan € 563000sold
3-3.162. Floor72.814 m²4-€ 563000sold
3-3.172. Floor65.214 m²4 Plan € 524000vacant
3-3.183. Floor65.214 m²4 Plan € 509 170sold
3-3.193. Floor72.814 m²4 Plan € 568000sold
3-3.203. Floor72.814 m²4 Plan € 541 100sold
3-3.213. Floor65.214 m²4 Plan € 535000vacant
3-3.224. Floor58.99,6 m²3 Plan € 512000vacant
3-3.234. Floor60.19,6 m²3 Plan € 467500reserved
3-3.244. Floor60.19,6 m²3 Plan € 467500sold
3-3.254. Floor58.99,6 m²3 Plan € 512000reserved

Gargellen Montafon. jpg.jpg

Ski resort Gargellen / MONTAFON

The apartments are located directly in the resort Gargellen on the ski slope at an altitude of 1423 m. All you have to do is put on your ski or snowboard equipment and enjoy downhill runs right under your apartments. In the Gargellen ski and snow paradise, both the individual and the family will enjoy them. This small and cozy resort has impressive beautiful mountains, rich and varied slopes, and thanks to the family atmosphere of the resort can save considerable money for family packages. The resort is suitable for young families, there is a special children’s restaurant and on the slopes beginners can not only try their first turns, but also train full-fledged descents. There are 26 km of perfectly groomed blue slopes with deep powder for sports fans, snowboarders and skiers. From every slope you can enjoy beautiful views and enjoy 10 km red and 11 km black slopes. As soon as more snow comes in Gargelland, freeride-goers come from far away.

Beautiful routes enchant the lovers of snowshoes and cross-country skiing. In addition, there are also leisure activities such as skating, curling and sledding. The most popular is the Madrisa Circuit, if you like adrenaline, you can experience cross-country skiing.

Resort Map:


The resort is located in the Vorarlberg ski area and offers skiers 140 kilometers on 85 slopes. It was created by linking the original Hochjok and Nova grounds. The starting point of Sankt Gallenkirch – is only 10 minutes by car from the project into the double complex called Silvretta. This amazing, very sporty ski resort brings even more comfort to visitors, as there is a new, panoramic 8-seater cable car connecting from the boarding point of the skiers, and connects Nova with the opposite Hochjoch area. The resort has also been constantly modernized thanks to a local larger company, which invests considerable money in it to keep developing it and is developing innovative ideas such as a morning breakfast in a mountain restaurant coupled with a pleasant corduroy skiing.

Resort Map: https: //

Silvretta Montafon. jpg.jpg

reservedThe main lines serve comfortable covered and express seats. Less frequented slopes are also served, only slightly older seats. In this valley, the center is the largest and is scattered on two 2,000-mountain ridges, from which the ski slopes above the forest border with an elevation of 500 m rise. There is the possibility of skiing in deep powder, ski-route, blue . Very special is the track that runs from Hochjoch to the town of Schruns and goes through a half-kilometer tunnel. It is a very popular and longest ski tunnel in the world. Carving ski enthusiasts will appreciate it, because from under the peak 2300 meters above sea level. and high mountains Schwarzköpfl converge very spacious descents, which are wide in corners. A chairlift with orange bubbles can be taken from Grasjoch to the highest point of the area at an altitude of 2430 m. Here you will have a beautiful view of the entire resort Silvretta. On the other hand, it is possible to look and see as far as Germany.

Montafon is also amazing in the summer and it is possible to do various activities such as hiking with up to 500 km of marked trails, climbing, mountain biking, golf, paragliding, car and motorcycle rides on winding mountain roads. There is the largest amusement park, which offers not only children a lot of fun – slides, bouncy towers, adventure, Nordic walking, tennis courts, skating and barbecue.