Invest & Design s.r.o. Founded in mid-2017, it has been collaborating with a permanent group of related real estate investors since then, and is also working with a team of professionals such as construction companies, designers and architects, law firms, and more. We offer consultancy and individual service to our clients, which includes full or partial investment opportunities in the form of searching for a suitable property according to the current market situation, analysis and price comparison in a given location, risk analysis, determination of targeted yield, as well as complete reconstruction or other forms real estate valuation and in cooperation with our partners mediation of administration, finding a tenant or subsequent sale of real estate.

Our Goals

Our goal is the successful implementation of smaller investment projects or consulting in the selection of suitable real estate for larger investment projects. We are looking for an opportunity tailored to the client. We will ensure the implementation and possible further management of the property in cooperation with one of the contractual partners. Client satisfaction and maximum return is our goal. In all cases, we pay attention to the security of transactions and compliance with all contractual arrangements with the help of a law firm.

We also focused on the offer of buying investment apartments in Austrian ski resorts or near golf courses, mostly within development projects, with an interesting return. The transaction may also include securing a contract with the operator of short-term leases or securing with financing from a Czech bank and the possibility of guaranteeing real estate acquired abroad.

Mgr. Dana Plešmídová

CEO, Representation for the Czech Republic

Mgr. Lucie Dostal

Business representation in Austria

Bc. Aneta Müllerová

Specialist for Austrian projects

Ing. Ivana Kovaříková

Administrative and IT support