We are continuously expanding the offer of apartments in Austrian ski resorts. These apartments usually have a short-term lease with the company as part of the transaction. The investor will therefore have regular rental income according to the occupancy of the apartments and at the same time can book his apartment for himself on pre-agreed dates.

  • Austria is a country with a stable financial and political environment.
  • Stable and solid real estate market without extreme fluctuations, but with constant growth.
  • No mass development of projects, but strong regulation that balances supply and demand.
  • Any mortgage payments can be deducted from your rental income in Austria.
  • Austria has no inheritance, gift tax or property tax.

According to Austrian law, such apartments must already have a special status in the approval decision. In some cases it is possible to buy apartments only for your own use and in other cases their commercial rental is mandatory. This always depends on the specific project. In the case of acquisition for the purpose of commercial rental (with the possibility of personal use usually 4-6 weeks a year, also depends on the specific project) the buyer will be refunded VAT on the price of the apartment. Prices of investment apartments are advertised without VAT.

Part of our services is also securing financing, for example in the form of a mortgage from an Austrian bank or a bank in the Czech Republic with the possibility of guaranteeing real estate both in the Czech Republic and acquired real estate in Austria. With each purchase of real estate in Austria, the additional fees are about 10% of the purchase price, incl. VAT (3.5% tax, 2% legal service, 3.5% commission to an Austrian seller, 1.1% cadastral fee for real estate transfer). In some cases, Invest & Design does not charge you a commission if we are paid by the seller, or we charge a standard commission for mediation in the amount of 3.5% of the purchase price + VAT. You will find this information in every menu.

In all cases, the price of our services includes continuous assistance in the Czech language in the entire purchase process from the selection of a suitable property to the handover of the property, we will arrange a translation of the contract documentation into Czech or assessment by an Austrian lawyer in case of interest, which we recommend. Personal assistance in the territory of Austria in the Czech language is provided.