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We offer mediation of the purchase of apartments within walking distance of the ski area Ski Amade, in a recreational and hotel building with 22 apartments, 11 hotel rooms, restaurant area and spa area with swimming pool. The apartment can buy a parking space. There will be parking for 35 cars and 11 aboveground parking spaces. Construction will start in autumn 2019. So far there are several construction options. For more information, including floor plans, see the table below. The project has a very attractive location with walking distance to the ski resort and also with beautiful views of St. Petersburg. Johann. The nearest cable car is 700 meters away. The ski slope can be reached on foot and can be viewed directly from the apartments. Alpendorf is located at an altitude of 800 meters and is about 3.5 km away from St. St. Johann im Ponqau. This mountain village where the project will be located is an independent holiday island in the middle of the Alps with 1900 guest beds. This is a very interesting investment in the middle of the highest ski area SKI Amadé with 270 lifts and 860 km of slopes.


Start of construction in autumn 2019, planned completion in 2021.

We would be happy to offer a suitable financing concept by a Czech or Austrian bank to finance a flat with approximately 30% of its own resources through rental income. The current interest rate in Austria is around 1.25%. The purchase cost is approximately 10% of the gross purchase price, as a standard process for purchasing Austrian property. Invest & Design charges 3.5% + VAT on the purchase price of the property incl. VAT. We will guide you through the entire purchase process, including legal advice and assistance in the Czech language throughout the purchase process and in Austria (during a tour, when signing documents with an Austrian notary, etc.).

Why choose this project?

  • favourable price starting from 149,500 EUR excl. VAT per hotel room and from 289,000 EUR excl. VAT per apartment
  • excellent accessibility from Prague, about 4.5 hours
  • estimated annual rental income of about 4-5% and further appreciation of your property
  • the project is located within walking distance of the ski slopes in the Ski Amade area
  • beautiful views and restaurants within walking distance





Apartment1GF100.8728.704349 000 EURsold
Apartment2GF74.8421.133329 000 EURsold
Apartment3GF74.8417.953329 000 EURsold
Apartment4GF77.6718.923349 000 + 30 000sold
Apartment101.floor83.4506.033339 000 EURsold
Apartment111.floor74.8406.033339 000 EURsold
Apartment121.floor74.8406.033339 000 EURsold
Apartment131.floor77.5006.033339 000 EURsold
Apartment141.floor66.635.882299 000 + 25 000sold
Apartment151.floor75.2030.333349 000 EURsold
Apartment161.floor73.5831.133349 000 EURsold
Apartment171.floor85.7717.363349 000 EURsold
Hotel room182.floor24.472.401149 000 EURsold
Hotel room192.floor21.993.511149 000 EURsold
Hotel room202.floor24.311149 000 EURsold
Hotel room212.floor25.943.511149 000 EURsold
Hotel room222.floor22.562.401149 000 + 10 000sold
Hotel room232.floor22.562.401149 000 EURsold
Hotel room242.floor22.943.511149 000 EURsold
Hotel room252.floor24.311149 000 EURsold
Hotel room262.floor25.943.511149 000 EURsold
Hotel room272.floor26.012.401149 000 EURsold
Hotel room282.floor24.591149 000 EURsold
Hotel room292.floor29.8806.031149 000 EURsold
Apartment302.floor69.695.8318.221369 000 EURsold
Hotel room243.floor30.392159 000 EURsold
Hotel room253.floor29.8106.032169 000 EURsold
Apartment263.floor72.5812.043369 000 EURsold
Apartment273. + 4.floor93.3918.0915.904549 000 EURsold
Apartment283. + 4.floor127.7512.065599 000 EURsold
Apartment293. + 4.floor126.9712.066629 000 + 40 000sold
Apartment303. + 4.floor135.8612.066575 000 EURsold
Hotel room314.floor24.591107 000 EURsold
Hotel room324.floor29.7806.032149 000 EURsold
Apartment334.floor72.6412.043369 000 EURsold

All prices are exclusive of VAT. The prices include kitchen and underground parking.

Floor plans and sample apartments:



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Within walking distance of the project and an altitude of 650 – 1,850 meters above sea level, skiers can find everything they need for a perfect skiing holiday in Austria. Up to 270 kilometers of perfectly groomed slopes, cozy mountain huts, services right at the ski slope and many experiences in the ski resort not only in winter. Due to its location and easy access to St. St. Johann in Pongau to very popular ski resorts.

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Map of resort:

  • For children: the Devil’s Ring – forest road through the Geisterberg adventure area and the new SkiMovie in Alpendorf
  • 100% snow sure from December to spring
  • wi-fi Ski amadé for free at almost all lower and upper cableway stations & many web photopoints
  • easy access to the motorways, 70 km from Salzburg
  • Snowpark Alpendorf: Enjoy Freestyle is the slogan of the snow park and fun park at the Alpendorf in St.Johann ski resort in Pongau. Freestyle beginners can make their first attempts here in the park, and the advanced can work on their skills
  • distance from Prague is approximately 4, 40 h by car