We offer mediation of the purchase of apartments near the ski area Arlberg. The apartments are now under construction in the village of Nesslegg-Schröcken. Your dream apartment of between 40 – 200 m2 will be built at an altitude of 1495 meters above sea level. On an area of ​​14,500 square meters, 54 chalets of apartments and 135 hotel rooms are harmoniously tuned into the natural landscape.

The apartments are attractive not only for their location on a sunny plateau near the Alpine peaks, but also for their breathtaking views of the panorama in an oasis of silence and relaxation. The Nesslegg am Arlberg plateau is surrounded by fine and rugged mountain peaks and attracts especially lovers of fresh air and unique nature. Untouched nature always with plenty of snow, thanks to its excellent orientation is illuminated by sunlight.


Every year more snow falls here than anywhere else in Europe and huge peaks of white alpine peaks rise above the mystical Bregen forests.

Weather conditions have not always been ideal since construction began. However, if winter weather permits, the motherboard should be completed this year in 2019. And yet, a quarter of all luxury apartments have already been sold. Owners and guests will benefit not only from a quality ski resort, but also from the first-class service of the Hilton hotel chain. 40 luxury apartments in the new building will have a four-star plus rating.

Completion of construction of these exclusive apartments is planned for the end of 2022!

Further economic development of the area:

In addition to the apartments and hotel, the planning and re-organization of the Widderstein hotel is also supported. Planning includes the construction of the Nesslegg Railway and a separate ski lift to allow guests to reach the ski area directly. Access to the ski area is ensured by bus – shuttle service before the construction of the railway.


  • apartments with complex infrastructure even outside your property
  • clean air at an altitude of 1495 meters above sea level.
  • more than 1,000 m² of wellness and SPA nearby
  • the largest ski resort in Austria with up to 11 m of snow
  • availability and the highest safety standards in all buildings
  • 200 m² large swimming pool with panoramic glass front and heated sun loungers for a pleasant winter
  • there are three excellent golf courses in the immediate vicinity of The Heimat: golf enthusiasts from Schröcken-Nesslegg can comfortably reach the 9 and 18-hole courses of Lech, St. St. Anton or Außerbraz by car or private golf shuttle within 30 to 60 minutes. All three golf courses are part of a beautiful mountain scenery.
  • Tirol in close proximity to Switzerland is by car from Prague 6 hours 50 min
  • own ski rental with return service, ski -in, ski -out
  • For children and adolescents there is a children’s paradise of 250 m2, indoor climbing and other gym
  • Entrance hall with open fireplace, bar, lounge and shop for daily use
  • a ballroom for up to 180 guests and a meeting room
  • two restaurants with Austrian and international cuisine


Prices are for guidance only, on request we will send you the price according to the current valid price list.

Top A-1.1basement62,236,40 m²2Investment *-€ 622.000sold
Top A-1.2basement98.0073,70 m²2Combined **-€1.029.000sold
Top A-1.3basement147,742,10 m²3Combined ** Plan € 1.750.000vacant
Top A-1.4basement99,250,00 m²3Investment * Plan € 1.151.000vacant
Top A-1.5basement72,316,10 m²2Investment * Plan € 831.500vacant
Top A-1.6basement59.5012,50 m²2Investment * Plan € 625.000vacant
Top A0.10GF102,945,00 m²3Combined ** Plan € 1.281.000vacant
Top A0.11GF99.1010,70 m²3Combined ** Plan € 1.254.000vacant
Top A0.12GF72,34,10 m²2Investment *-€ 759.150sold
Top A0.13GF84.8020,10 m²3Investment * Plan € 975.000vacant
Top A0.14GF64.2011,10 m²2Investment * Plan € 729.000vacant
Top A0.7GF54.4011,70 m²2Investment *-sold
Top A0.8GF63.1011,80 m²2Investment * Plan € 662.550sold
Top A0.9GF118.80125,80 m²4Combined ** Plan € 1.306.800sold
Top A1.151. floor44,89,00 m²2Investment *-€ 470.400sold
Top A1.161. floor54.4010,50 m²2Investment * Plan € 598.400sold
Top A1.171. floor54.0010,30 m²2Combined **-sold
Top A1.181. floor87.5037,20 m²4Combined **-€1.006.250sold
Top A1.191. floor70.7035,10 m²3Combined **-€ 813.050sold
Top A1.201. floor99.1010,70 m²3Combined ** Plan € 1.139.650sold
Top A1.211. floor72,34,10 m²2Investment * Plan € 857.000reserved
Top A1.221. floor84.8020,10 m²3Investment * Plan € 890.400sold
Top A1.231. floor64.202Investment * Plan € 708.000vacant
Top A2.242. floor44,810,30 m²2Investment *-€ 470.400sold
Top A2.252. floor54.4010,50 m²2Investment *-€ 598.400sold
Top A2.262. floor54.9110,30 m²2Combined **-sold
Top A2.272. floor81,17,70 m²3Combined **-sold
Top A2.282. floor64.405,70 m²3Combined **-€ 772.800sold
Top A2.292. floor71,335,34 m²3Combined **-€ 855.600sold
Top A2.302. floor92.1038 m²3.5Investment *-€ 921.000sold
Top A2.312. floor54,751,80 m²2Investment *-€ 574.350sold
Top A3.323. floor44,89,10 m²2Investment * Plan € 571.200vacant
Top A3.333. floor54.4010,50 m²2Investment * Plan € 721.000vacant
Top A3.343. floor54.0010,30 m²2Investment *-€ 621.000sold
Top A3.353. floor73,616,70 m²3Own use ***-€ 1.236.480sold
Top A3.363. floor85.3018,00 m²3Combined **-€ 1.108.900sold
Top A4.374. floor43.6013,20 m²2Investment *-€ 523.200sold
Top A4.384. + 5. floor88,49,90 m²3Investment *-€ 928.200sold
Top A4.394. + 5. floor160,535,77 m²6Own use ***-sold
Top A4.404. + 5. floor151,531,10 m²5Own use *** Plan €  2.745.200vacant

33 private underground parking spaces can be purchased exclusively for apartment owners on request.

An underground parking space is available for EUR 40,000 excluding VAT and carports for EUR 17,500 excluding VAT.

An overview of three types of use of apartments according to occupancy permit:

  • Investments * (short-term rental, contract with short-term rental operators will be secured in the process of real estate purchase. With the possibility of own use up to 6 weeks per year)
  • Combined ** (short-term rentals with the possibility of own use up to 8 weeks a year for 20 years, then the possibility of own use only)
  • Own use *** possibility to buy exclusively own use

Equipment according to your taste and preferences: see what interior equipment we can provide.




Winter ski resort Arlberg

Arlberg originalni vel.jpgArlberg is now within reach of the project by a shuttle bus service and a direct link to the new lift is planned for the future. It is the most famous mountain region in the country and is located between Tyrol and Vorarlberg. Since 2017, Arlberg is Austria’s largest ski resort, reminiscent of the huge French winter resorts. This area, known as the “cradle of alpine skiing”, has won several titles in recent years, and in 2017 again “the best ski resort in the world”. This winter resort has 305 km of fantastic slopes and a large freeride area. Up to 11 meters of natural snow comes here every year.

Thanks to the large number of slopes, everyone chooses and is therefore suitable for both sports skiers and intermediate skiers. The resort was the first ski school to be established and is now very popular. They prepare the next generation of capable and successful skiers. The 2016/2017 season was a turning point for the resort, as the whole complex was connected by cable cars. Lech and Zürs are among the most luxurious resorts in Austria. Anton is famous for its wild apres ski.

Map of resort:

There are plenty of bars on and around the ski slopes, located mainly near the blue-marked slopes. In addition to downhill skiing, the resort has 27 km of cross-country trails, toboggan runs, ice rinks and much more. Great service and high transport capacity even in high season. Slopes are rather steep and trails rather narrow and in some sections steep. At one time, the main indicator of ski quality for its abilities was the difficulty and difficulty of the slopes. This area is not entirely suitable for children.

From November to April, Arlberg is one of the most sought after places for hundreds of thousands of winter sports and adventure enthusiasts. In the warm months, the Arlberg region focuses on a variety of adventures in the high mountains and an oasis of peace and relaxation. At an altitude of about 1500 meters above sea level, the air is practically clean without mites and pollen. The so-called Höhen-Reizklima in Schröcken-Nesslegg has a lasting positive effect on the heart, blood circulation and airways. There are also adrenaline attractions: mountain biking, canyon boat trips, raft on Lech, bungee jumping from the bridge at Bregenzerwald.