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A unique opportunity to spend time in the most impressive Italian spa Montecatini Terme. This Italian spa, recognized by UNESCO, is one of the 11 largest spas in Europe and is the site of our exclusive residential complex. UNESCO has included Montecatini Terme in the list of Europe’s largest spas – the TOP 11 elite spa towns in Europe.

The whole project is unique not only for its location, close to the world-famous thermal springs and the central park, but also for its extremely high standard of quality, comfort and safety. The exclusive apartments have been precisely renovated and are located in a beautiful setting. The whole building and each apartment was completed to a truly premium standard. You can choose from a wide range of apartments ranging in size from 109 to 326 m2.

The renowned quality and awareness of the Montecatini Terme spa make them a mecca for world-famous celebrities every year. Singer Madonna chose clay from Montecatini Terme as the basis for her line of cosmetics.

1. Palazzo Storico offers apartments in a carefully renovated historic building. The historic building was designed and built by renowned architect Giulio Bernardini in the Liberty style from 1910. It has been carefully restored and all elements of this architectural style have been preserved, in keeping with the historic significance of the building. The reconstruction took place under the direction of architect Robert Agnelli and civil engineer Marcello Mucci. During the reconstruction, work was carried out to strengthen the foundations of the entire building with a complete replacement of floors and utilities.

Windows and walls are wooden with acoustic (43 dB) and thermal indicators. The heating system is a combination of underfloor heating and an autonomous air conditioning system. The water supply system is equipped with a water softening and purification system. There was reinforcement and partial replacement of the load-bearing walls with reinforced plaster and replacement of the original paint with a modern insulating material with a noise-damping effect.

Thanks to the combination of the above materials and technologies, the building will achieve significant energy and heating savings. The materials used in construction and reconstruction are at the highest level in accordance with the premium quality of the entire project. Our goal was to ensure that the buildings and individual apartments provide long-term, quality housing and fulfill the vision of the architect Giulia Bernardini and the designer of the original PALLAZZO STORICO.

2. Palazzo Moderno consists of two terraced houses with large terraces and a private garden. Both terraced houses are built as two-storey apartments in a modern style.

Offer of apartments: