This investment is without commission.

This unique ski-in/ski-out 4* resort, which draws you directly into the breathtaking natural scenery, includes 41 investment apartments and 20 Lodges within the apart-hotel for sale in the popular Pyhrn-Priel region of the Hinterstoder ski resort. The main building of the apart-hotel consists of a garden floor, a ground floor and 4 upper floors. The underground car park has 43 indoor parking spaces and 20 outdoor parking spaces. Four of the indoor parking spaces are equipped with charging stations for electric cars.

Hinterstoder is a picturesque resort and at the same time the venue of the World Cup. The resort is located at an altitude of 1,400 m above sea level and offers an exclusive spa, wellness, fitness and infinity pool, 3 relaxation and 2 treatment rooms, various types of saunas. Lifestyle meets unbridled nature here. In front of the impressive mountain scenery of the “Totes Gebirge”, this exclusive real estate project opens up new dimensions of alpine tourism. It is about the resurrection of a traditional family business, which has been a fixture of the local accommodation industry for many years.

Steeped in history, the hotel is carefully revitalized and transformed into an exclusive, stylish resort on an international level. A practically magical experience in the middle of the Alps, unique and unmistakable.

The project is located at an altitude of 1400 meters above sea level – the air is cold, clean and fresh. Here stands the alpine resort – the elongated shape of the impressive building looks like a soaring eagle. This shape also became one of the main sources of inspiration for the rebuild. In its new life, the hotel represents a more exclusive and sustainable type of tourism.

This approach should not only lay the foundations for the success of the entire project, but also provide considerable added value to the entire region for years to come. We are already showing the direction in which tomorrow’s alpine tourism will develop. The mountains radiate a magic that every climber and skier can feel firsthand. If you want to experience this feeling, there is hardly a better place than in the project of unique apartments and chalets Hinterstoder. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the mountain station – so the skiing day starts and ends right at your own door. Hinterstoder itself is a very well-developed tourist region that enjoys a good reputation far beyond the borders of Austria. The project will be the best destination where you can enjoy this tremendously beautiful landscape without compromise – understated luxury close to nature.

In harmony with the mountains

The sensitive integration of the revitalized hotel into its surroundings was especially important to us. The main building and freely distributed apartments with enough privacy fit harmoniously into the mountain landscape. Anyone who passes by or looks at it from a distance can recall a peaceful alpine village. A connection completely intentional, which is why we put a clear emphasis on natural materials such as wood and stone when re-designing the house and used a design language borrowed from Alpine culture. The goal was to ensure a high level of luxury and comfort while emphasizing the influence of nature all around.

Start of operation of the resort already in December 2023.

Why choose this particular project?

  • the project is located at an altitude of 1400 m.a.s.l. and is Ski-in/ski-out
  • annual returns up to 4%
  • first-class alpine wellness and fitness with an area of ​​1,000 m²
  • in the immediate vicinity of the cross-country skiing track
  • infinity pool with a breathtaking view of the slopes
  • top gastronomy in the resort’s restaurant, which has a capacity of 150 seats inside and 130 seats outside
  • direct access from the slope and to the ski room, the premises are connected by an elevator that takes you to the individual apartments
  • charging stations for electric cars
  • perfect accessibility from the Czech Republic – the journey takes only 4.5 hours from Prague and only 4 hours from Brno
  • pool system, 25% of the monthly rent to investors (the rest is billed once a year), 10% of the restaurant and 15% of the other equipment goes to the investors also monthly – yield of 4% and more, 2% guaranteed
  • the hotel operator has to invest 3% of its income annually in the equipment
  • golf course available within 15 min drive Günstig Golfen, Golf & Country Club Ennstal


We will be happy to provide a suitable financing concept from a Czech or Austrian bank. The current interest rate in Austria is around 4-4,5%. The purchase costs are approximately 6% of the gross purchase price, as is the standard process of buying Austrian real estate. In this case, when purchasing real estate, you pay VAT on the price of the real estate, which will then be refunded to you by the Austrian tax authorities. We will guide you through the entire purchase process, including legal advice and assistance in the Czech language during the purchase process in Austria (during the inspection, when signing documents at the Austrian notary, etc.).


The prices are indicative only, upon request we will send you the price according to the current valid price list.

Hotel / Lodge Apt./ room Type Floor Floor area, m2 Balkon m2 Terrace m2 Disposition Price EUR (without VAT) Sales status
hotel TOP 001 D2 apartment with a garden 63,96 m2 - 12,90 m2 Plan 674 716 vacant
hotel TOP 002 C2 apartment with a garden 51,22 m2 - 12,85 m2 Plan 555 388 vacant
hotel TOP 003 C2 garden 51,09 m2 - 12,85 m2 Plan 537 688 vacant
hotel TOP 010 A (barr.) ground floor 41,47 m2 - - Plan 388 884 vacant
hotel TOP 011 A2 ground floor 41,47 m2 - - Plan 388 884 reserved
hotel TOP 012 A1 ground floor 41,47 m2 - - Plan 397 860 vacant
hotel TOP 013 C2 ground floor 52,19 m2 13,07 m2 - Plan 609 040 vacant
hotel TOP 014 C2 ground floor 52,06 m2 13,07 m2 - Plan 582 364 vacant
hotel TOP 016 C1 ground floor 52,04 m2 13,07 m2 - Plan 584 710 vacant
hotel TOP 017 B1 ground floor 44,98 m2 15,47 m2 - Plan 487 212 vacant
hotel TOP 018 C2 ground floor 52,06 m2 13,07 m2 - Plan 563 790 verkauft
hotel TOP 103 A2 1. floor 41,47 m2 - - Plan 424 434 vacant
hotel TOP 104 C2 1. floor 52,06 m2 13,07 m2 - Plan 609 040 vacant
hotel TOP 105 C1 1. floor 52,06 m2 13,07 m2 - Plan 609 040 reserved
hotel TOP 108 B2 1. floor 43,27 m2 15,12 m2 - Plan 505 100 vacant
hotel TOP 110 C2 1. floor 52,06 m2 13,07 m2 - Plan 609 040 vacant
hotel TOP 112 A2 1. floor 41,47 m2 - - Plan 406 800 vacant
hotel TOP 113 A1 1. floor 41,47 m2 - - Plan 415 560 vacant
hotel TOP 114 JS 1. floor 34,34 m2 - - Plan 352 320 verkauft
hotel TOP 201 N 2.floor 30,06 m2 - - Plan 287 900 vacant
hotel TOP 202 E1 2. floor 108,63 m2 13,19 m2 - Plan 1 031 000 vacant
lodge L2* L - 128,84 m2 - 24,73 m2 Plan Plan Plan 1 421 700 vacant
lodge L3* L - 128,84 m2 - 24,73 m2 Plan Plan Plan 1 457 500 vacant
lodge L4* L - 128,84 m2 - 24,73 m2 Plan Plan Plan 1 457 500 vacant
lodge L6* L - 128,84 m2 - 24,73 m2 Plan Plan Plan 1 457 500 vacant
lodge L8* L - 128,84 m2 - 24,73 m2 Plan Plan Plan 1 421 700 vacant
lodge M3* M - 95,99 m2 - 17,88 m2 Plan Plan 1 156 700 vacant
lodge M4* M - 95,99 m2 - 17,88 m2 Plan Plan 1 183 600 vacant
lodge M6* M - 95,99 m2 - 17,88 m2 Plan Plan 1 156 700 vacant
lodge M8* M - 95,99 m2 - 17,88 m2 Plan Plan 1 156 700 verkauft
lodge S2* S - 45,11 m2 - 10,80 m2 Plan Plan Plan 698 400 vacant
lodge S3* S - 45,11 m2 - 10,80 m2 Plan Plan Plan 680 525 reserved
lodge S4* S - 45,11 m2 - 10,80 m2 Plan Plan Plan 698 400 vacant
lodge S6* S - 45,11 m2 - 10,80 m2 Plan Plan Plan 687 400 reserved


Map of the resort:

Let yourself be carried away by the charming winter world of Hinterstoder and experience many sporting opportunities off the slopes, such as cross-country skiing, hiking or winter hiking.

 Winter resort Hinterstoder / Höss

Despite its modest size, the local alpine resort boasts unprecedented versatility. In this resort, you will find both an above-average elevation and pure alpine mountain nature with excellent snow conditions. Predominant here are very well-groomed red slopes, which complement the black parachutes and the racing track. There are also friendly light practice slopes for children and beginner skiers. Sunny Kids Park on Höss – the largest children’s ski area in Upper Austria – will make children’s hearts flutter and winter vacation will become a unique experience for the whole family.

The jagged peaks of the Totes Gebirge (Dead Mountains) provide impressive views. Powder snow and fun on the slopes right in front of the entrance of the apartments and chalets. From the apartment to the slopes, 40 kilometers of perfectly groomed slopes await you. 18 pistes of varying difficulty can be reached in a very short time with 14 modern ski lifts that bring the mountain tops within reach. Convenient ski storage rooms and ski buses ensure a pleasant stay on the slopes of the World Cup skiing venue with the Hannes Trinkl World Cup course.


Map of resort:


Winter resort Wurzeralm / Spital am Pyhrn

The Wurzeralm ski area has a beautiful location between beautiful, high mountains at an altitude of 1,400 m above sea level. You can reach it in a few minutes by cable car. The Frauenkar mountain is the highest point of the area with a height of 1,870 m. The excellent location in the mountains and modern snowmaking equipment guarantee snow throughout the season. Slopes of all levels, traditional restaurants, Sunny Kids Park and two slopes offer everything the heart desires.