This investment is without commission.

Whether in untouched nature or in the midst of tourist social life in the sophisticated world of famous vacation spots, the developer builds a project with a unique flair.

Today, the Alps present themselves as modern and active. Enjoy the numerous sports and recreational opportunities it offers you. Discover your passion for the mountains, succumb to the fascination of the Alps and enjoy the friendliness of the local people and the safety of Austria to shape your new holiday destination with unforgettable holiday experiences.

The nearest golf centers are Golfplatz Kitzbühel-Schwarzsee-Reith (11 min by car from the project), Kitzbühel Country Club (11 min by car).

A new development project with investment apartments for sale is being built directly in Kirchberg, with a 10-minute drive to Kitzbühel and a 2-minute drive from the project to the mouth of the cable car. An experienced developer with many years of experience brings a special kind of Alpine spirit to his projects to ensure a pleasant holiday in the Alps. In the ideal case, this is a perfect symbiosis of vacation and investment, which is why the developer selects only in exclusive locations in top destinations.

The project is now under construction and is managed together with the previous owner, Simon, who is known as a chef in Western Austria. Before this project, there was a 5-star hotel here, which now forms the basis for the expansion concept. The previous reception, bar, two high-end restaurants and the existing wellness will be integrated into the new project with apartments. This holiday complex will also be an absolutely premium project for beautiful living in the heart of the Alps.

The Austrian interior designer offers you a selection of floors, doors and textiles as well as various patterns and colors that you can individually set according to your wishes. From this wide spectrum of almost unlimited selection, you can bring your individual style to the apartment. A total of 37 units for tourist rental will be created here, which will be adapted to the surroundings in an attractive design combining tradition and modernity. This sustainable project will be an investment for generations. All units will of course be fully furnished and fully equipped, with high quality and exclusivity at the fore.


The owners can use their apartment 6 weeks a year. You can book your stay in advance or last minute (7 days before arrival for a maximum of 7 days). Owners can visit other apartments in the project with the same discount as for their own apartment, but they must pay any difference in price. The pool system for the payment of rental profit is divided here according to the ratio of the purchase price paid.

 Start of construction summer 2023. Completion of the project is planned by the end of 2024.


Why choose this particular project?

  • 37 superior apartments with balcony or terrace, 35 underground parking spaces, 18 parking spaces, 2 top restaurants and a bar
  • nearest golf resorts: Golfplatz Kitzbühel-Schwarzsee-Reith (11 min by car from the project), Kitzbühel Country Club (11 min by car)
  • wellness spa zone, swimming pool, sporting goods store
  • 500 m from the lift absolutely premium project, attractive investment
  • expected yield of 5%
  • year-round operation
  • building security
  • operation of the project by a professional operator
  • constantly increasing the value of the project
  • adventure hikes in the area, Segway rides, also at night, ice climbing on the Gaisberg, dog sledding with huskies, paragliding over the winter landscape, romantic horse-drawn sleigh rides, biathlon and cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating , sledding and much more.


We will be happy to provide you with an offer of a suitable financing concept from a Czech or Austrian bank. The current interest rate in Austria is around 3%. The cost of buying real estate in Austria is normally about 10% of the purchase price, as is the standard process of buying Austrian real estate. Additional costs in this project are: 7.5% of the net price of the apartment and parking (included: registration in the cadastre, property tax, fees for the purchase contract, small costs for example for a lawyer). We will guide you through the entire purchase process, including legal advice and assistance in the Czech language during the purchase process in Austria (during the inspection, when signing documents at the Austrian notary, etc.).


The prices are indicative only, upon request we will send you the price according to the current valid price list. The apartments include a terrace and balconies. Equipment and a garage must be purchased with each apartment. Parking is not included in the price, see price list, where the total price is for the number of assigned stalls. Prices: EUR 10.000 (for one outdoor parking space), EUR 35.000 (for a double garage space), EUR 22.000 (for a single garage space). Equipment not included in the price: EUR 32.000 for one-room, EUR 40.000 for two-room or EUR 48.000 for three-room.  

Installment schedule for apartments: A (Section 9, paragraph 4 of the Development Contract Act):

  • 15% when the agreement enters into force according to § 16;
  • 35% after completion of shell and roof;
  • 20% upon completion of divorces;
  • 12% after completion of the facade and windows, including their glazing;
  • 12% after approval and/or after the agreed earlier delivery of the actual object of the contract;
  • 4% after the completion of the entire system (§ 4 para. 1 of 1) a the remainder after three years from the delivery of the subject of the contract, if warranty claims and claims for damage compensation by guarantee or insurance have not been fulfilled (Section 4 paragraph 4 ZPS);
Apt./ room Floor Total m2 Rooms Balcony m2 Terrace m2 Disposition Prices from Sales status
A01 1 42,3 m2 1 - 6,9 m2 Plan 439.000 sold
A02 1 32,2 m2 1 - 6,7 m2 Plan 339.000 sold
A03 1 32,3 m2 1 - 6,7 m2 Plan 339.000 sold
A04 1 63,2 m2 2 - 30,6 m2 Plan 779.000 sold
A07 2 32,3 m2 1 6,7 m2 - Plan 339.000 sold
A08 2 63,2 m2 2 37,4 m2 - Plan 799.000 sold
A09 2 27,4 m2 1 9,8 m2 - Plan 299.000 sold
A10 2 78,6 m2 3 35,4 m2 - Plan 879.000 sold
A11 2 59,4 m2 1 9,6 m2 - Plan 649.000 vacant
A12 2 66,8 m2 2 11,1 m2 - Plan 659.000 sold
A13 2 71,1 m2 2 39,2 m2 - Plan 889.000 vacant
A14 2 67 m2 2 11,1 m2 - Plan 659.000 sold
A15 3 65,2 m2 2 8,5 m2 - Plan 749.000 vacant
A16 3 32,2 m2 1 6,7 m2 - - 379.000 sold
A17 3 90,1 m2 3 57,1 m2 - Plan 1.259.000 sold
A18 3 27,4 m2 1 9,8 m2 - Plan 329.000 sold
A19 3 78,6 m2 3 34,7 m2 - Plan 959.000 vacant
A20 3 59,4 m2 1 5,6 m2 - - 669.000 vacant
A21 3 66,8 m2 2 9,8 m2 - Plan 719.000 sold
A22 3 71,1 m2 2 10,7 m2 - - 849.000 vacant
A23 3 67 m2 2 10,4 m2 - Plan 729.000 sold
A24 4 65,2 m2 2 8,3 m2 - Plan 809.000 sold
A25 4 32,2 m2 1 6,6 m2 - - 409.000 sold
A26 4 64,4 m2 2 84,8 m2 - Plan 1.079.000 sold
A27 4 27,4 m2 1 9,8 m2 - Plan 359.000 sold
A28 4 79,3 m2 3 35,4 m2 - Plan 1.059.000 vacant
A29 4 60,3 m2 1 5,4 m2 - Plan 739.000 vacant
A30 4 68,7 m2 2 11,1 m2 - Plan 809.000 vacant
A31 4 71,7 m2 2 10,4 m2 - Plan 939.000 vacant
A32 4 68,6 m2 2 10,9 m2 - Plan 809.000 vacant
A33 5 46 m2 1 16,8 m2 - Plan 659.000 sold
A34 5 86,7 m2 3 93,3 m2 - Plan 1.569.000 sold
A35 5 99,9 m2 3 54,2 m2 - Plan 1.469.000 vacant
A36 5 40,9 m2 1 18 m2 - Plan 589.000 sold
A37 5 42,4 m2 1 23,6 m2 - Plan 629.000 sold


winter resort map:

Recently, the 3S-Bahn between Hahnenkamm/Pengelstein and Jochberg/Resterhöherde was put into operation here, opening up completely new dimensions for “ski safaris” in the Kitzbühel ski area. All members of the family will have fun here, for children and beginners there are practice lifts available free of charge in every place in the valley. From then on, the entire ski area from Aschau to Pass Thurn can be traversed in both directions, without having to rely on free shuttle buses to return.


The Kirchberg region in Tyrol is a holiday paradise in summer and winter. The perfect location allows for a comfortable, relaxed but also central holiday in the middle of the Tyrolean mountains. With countless leisure activities and excellent cuisine, this impressive region is an oasis of well-being for everyone. Kirchberg in Tyrol is an idyllic holiday resort and an ideal family ski area. The KitzSki – Kitzbühel/Kirchberg area at an altitude of 800 to 2000 m offers 188 km of pistes, 45 km of ski trails and 57 lifts in winter and 500 km of hiking trails in summer.

A wide selection of pistes for all requirements and access to two of the best ski areas in the world makes every skier’s heart beat faster. This resort has an unmistakable spirit and a fairy-tale setting, the geographical location allows skiers and winter sports lovers endless opportunities for skiing. Versatile sports activities, many facilities, festivals, sports competitions and races make Kitzbühel the most sought-after destination for winter fun, and more than a million people choose this destination for their holiday every year. The north-west face allows the snow to stay here until April.