Tulum boutique apartments are inspired by the demand of customers who desire a unique living experience in the Mexican Caribbean. Apartments not only generate income through vacation rentals in a highly valued location, but also provide personal and family facilities for owners and customers who will visit this unique location. They depict a model that strikes a balance between quality of life and a safe investment now and into the future.

This Tulum apartment project is the result of a synergy of long-term cooperation between a real estate agent, a developer and a construction company, and is one of the best located on the Riviera Maya. Together, the developers have created an investment product, planned and designed it to generate growing, stable and long-lasting returns for hundreds of investors.

The project is located in one of the areas with the greatest tourist growth and travel boom in recent years, just a few steps from Avenida Tulum. It is the main street of the city close to shopping areas with access to restaurants, services and shops and surrounded by important places that are central to the infrastructure of the whole area.

Facilities in the hotel: roof terraces, restaurant, spa, gym, gym, outdoor gym, co-working center, presentation hall, cinema, sports bar, computer room, game room, hammocks, shopping mall, kids club, game room, kindergarten , parking lot.

 Construction is divided into several phases:

Phase 1 – will be completed by the end of 2023. Prices are set from 2,537,000 CZK to 9,043,000 CZK.

Phase 2 – start in July 2024 and will be completed in August 2025. Prices are set from 2,450,000 CZK to 9,166,000 CZK.

The size of the apartments is from 36.3 m2 to 117.15 m2. The offer includes 3 x penthouses, 1-2 room apartments and studios.

Phase 3 – completion in December 2024

Phase 4 – completion in June 2025

 Why choose this particular project?

  • a total of 248 Tulum apartments offer an exclusive model and balance between quality of life and safe investment
  • the project is inspired by all the needs of the guests
  • provides a unique experience in the Mexican Caribbean
  • generates income from high value assets
  • enables both individuals and the whole family to have a wonderful vacation and stay experience in this location
  • great place for vacation rentals
  • return on investment 8-10 years
  • annual ROI between 10-30%
  • 76% annual average hotel occupancy
  • 110% tourist influx of guests over the last 10 years

The cost of buying real estate in Mexico is approximately 10% of the gross purchase price, as is the standard process of buying Mexican real estate. Our Czech-speaking partner in Mexico will guide you through the entire purchase process, including legal advice and assistance in the Czech language during the purchase process in Mexico (during the inspection, when signing documents at the notary, etc.).


The selection of apartments is wide, so in the table below we only present examples that represent individual categories. Plans of various types of apartments are located in the photo gallery. If you are interested, we will provide you with the current prices of available apartments.

The prices are indicative, upon request we will send you the price of the apartment according to the current valid price list. The prices already include a fee for mediation of the sale of the company. Invest & Design. Possibility of buying apartments without furniture or with furniture. VAT is included in the price.

Type Total m2 Price including furniture (CZK) Disposition
Studio 36.30 - 39.01 2 423 000 - 2 883 000 Plan
1R 39.01 2 854 185 - 2 990 000 Plan
2 RA 54.44 3 592 000 - 3 900 000 Plan
2 RB 62.70 4 372 000 - 4 431 000 Plan
D-2R 78.10 5 600 570 - 6 062 000 Plan
PH2 Penthouse 114.40 8 739 000 Plan
PH1 Penthouse 117.15 8 940 000 - 9 062 000 Plan

Location – TULUM


An ideal place for tourists, investors and travelers from all over the world. You will also find popular golf courses such as PGA Riviera Maya, Hard Rock Campo de Golf and others. No less interesting is the Yal-ku lagoon with salty and cooler, but beautifully transparent water. Various species of colorful fish can be seen from the shore, but with a snorkel and diving goggles you can see the underwater aquarium, where you can watch the diverse shoals of fish for hours.


It is one of the most popular tourist spots of the Mayan Riviera, south of Playa del Carmen. About a two-hour drive from Playa del Carmen, you’ll also find one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, the thousand-year-old ruins of the Mayan city of Chichen Itza, perched at the foot of a cliff next to the beach. Back in the 1990s, Tulum was a village next to the archeological site of the same name. It is currently a rapidly growing city with almost 50,000 inhabitants. The archaeological site of Tulum is a pyramid located right by the sea. During the Mayan era, it was an important and prosperous seaport, in which cargo was redistributed from ships to land and vice versa.

Akumal Beach offers swimming trips and unique experiences. Tourists from a wide area come to the beach to watch the sea turtles. This unique place, bordered by a coral reef, has become a paradise for sea turtles, which feed on the algae that grows on the bottom of the bay.

Other beaches that can be visited are the following: the beautiful white sand beach of Paraiso, located in the Mexican Caribbean Biosphere Reserve. A less frequented beach at Cenot Carwash, they go diving here as it has an amazing cave system. Kaan Luum Lagoon is a freshwater lagoon with many shades of blue. Only a small part of its shore is accessible, wooden footbridges, two jetties, parasols with benches and a shelter have been built here.

Every year, millions of tourists admire the natural beauty of the area, Mayan ruins, ancient culture, plenty of accommodation and entertainment options.