Clamart|Paris, France, Cena: 971.400 EUR, Schlafzimmer: 4, Badezimmer: 3, Bereich: 118 m2

We offer lovers of very beautiful accommodation exclusivity apartments with sublime open-air terraces in Clamart. Constituting a real spatial extension of the stays, they come to life on sunny days in arranging according to the desires of the occupants: outdoor lounge or solarium area to enjoy the sun with family and friends, perched garden generously vegetated, the dining room of open air, safe play area for children… Imagine the sweetness of summer evenings spent on your patio! Thought as a space of freedom, this place lends itself alternately to a meeting, to relaxation or contemplation… No, you are not dreaming no, you are indeed at home!

Flirting with Paris: new apartments for sale in luxury domain Clamart

It is at the meeting of the rue des Monts, the rue from Verdun, from avenue Henri-Barbusse and from rue of Armenia in a peaceful urban environment on the edge of Issy-les-Moulineaux, which is part of “The Estate of the Orchards”. The architecture of this beautifully crafted project is directly inspired by beautiful buildings and bourgeois houses typical of the town, but also of its pretty alleys and gentle pedestrian paths.

In line with the aspirations of the owners today and fireplace typologies, the domain makes the diversity of habitats its mark of factory. It combines apartments from 2 to 4 duplex rooms with exterior extension and houses high-end 4 and 5-room townhouses with terrace and garden with trees. This Domain offers you to find calm, conviviality, bliss… in a word, this balance so precious that you are looking for in your residential career and existential!

A beautiful city to live flirting with Paris

10 km from the heart of the Capital and 15 minutes from the gates of Briançon, Versailles or Châtillon, it is a verdant commune par excellence, among the most coveted in the southwest Parisian. Welcome to Clamart, in the Hauts-de-Seine! 3.5 km from Porte de Versailles and 8 minutes from Paris-Montparnasse thanks to the N line of the Transilien, the city of Clamart opens its doors to you in the heart of a popular environment that benefits from nature of the exception.

The 209 ha of the Meudon forest and the many parks that dot the town offers to its inhabitants‘ privileged relaxation areas at the gates of Paris. Thanks to its SNCF station, its 15 bus lines, its tramway (line T6) and the quality of its road network, Clamart benefits from excellent accessibility. Its economic fabric made up of 2,000 companies is open to a dynamic region recognized.

The attractiveness of Clamart, underlined by the arrivals next to tram line 10 and the line 15 metro as part of Grand Paris, supplies lively local life. 7 km from Velizy 2, 2nd plus important hypermarket in Europe, its inhabitants stroll through the friendly alleys of the 3 markets from the city. Athletes benefit from the infrastructures of the town: 1 swimming pool, 1 sports complex, 4 gymnasiums, several football and rugby pitches. Culture lovers appreciate the 2 media libraries, the theatre, the conservatory and the Center for Contemporary Art. So many advantages service for the well-being of all Clamartois!

A lush environment south of the Parisian metropolis

The facilities of a quiet and accessible neighbourhood 1.7 km from the town centre, “Schneider-Percy” is a peaceful suburban area, and yet well connected. It is located near urban axes major such as the D2 linking the south of Clamart to Ring road, or the D72 putting the sector in connection with Châtillon and tramway 6, via the south of Issy-les-Moulineaux. neighbour of the hospital military Percy, „The Field of Orchards“ shoots advantage of the shops on rue des Monts and from avenue Henri-Barbusse (brasserie, pharmacy, grocery store…).

The “Épinettes” shopping centre and the nursery of the same name at 300 m are appreciable to facilitate the organization of daily life and family. The Fleury kindergarten is 450 m away. The park of Nahariya, with a basketball and volleyball area, contributes to the oxygenation of the district. Fancy a big breath of fresh air? You are 7 minutes away from bike only of the famous wood that is the pride Clamartois.

In terms of mobility, the inhabitants of „Monts et Verdun“ welcome the presence of the “Hospital Percy” and line 169 serving the station of Clamart in 9 minutes. This practical advantage will still be more significant from 2022: the automatic metro line 15 South (Pont de Sèvres – Noisy-Champs) arriving at the heart of the future underground station “Fort d’Issy-Vanves-Clamart”, listed in the extension of the current Clamart station.

This Grand Paris Express line will be connected with the Transilien N and various bus lines (189, 32, 394 and 579). And with it, for the assets, the prospect of new possible routes, shortened or simplified!

A Parisian hamlet spirit

The Domaine is an achievement plural composed of 5 residential units at human dimension and 37 family houses. Comprising shops and associative premises installed on the ground floor of residences, the property has private parking lots in the basement, accessible from rue des Monts and Verdun Street. Access for pedestrians and cycles is done through public and private alleys.

Wishing to integrate better into the fabric suburban area rich in gardens in the district, the Domaine also gives pride of place to natural setting. Fully covered on the subject fruit trees – in homage to the orchard of yesteryear which covered the site – his landscaping project combines, same, pedestrian paths, courtesy plots, private gardens… It reinforces the hamlet spirit Parisian that emerges from this realization of high quality

An aisle that “is eaten”

For the pleasure of sharing among all The management of underground parking allows the landscaping component to become a place of choice within the „Domaine des Vergers“ and to offer residents of the hamlet a pleasant living environment. Promoting better living together, the property has many fruit trees. They are shared in the private gardens, as well as along the pedestrian path serving as the backbone of the project and expanding into plots.  the meeting point for residents during the picking season at the foot of the apple trees: gourmet moments of conviviality in perspective!

The porches of the islets: on the crossroads of conviviality

In the same way as the entrance halls of the residences, the porches of the islands are meeting spaces. They highlight the bond of conviviality in a architectural gesture. They are places of passage, exchanges between the world of the street and that of the heart of the block, on the scale of the whole of this beautiful achievement.

On the streets of Monts and Verdun,  in the heart neighbourhood entertainment

On the Monts side, the Domaine consists of beautiful residences of 5 floors. Offering a varied architectural landscape, their facades are beautifully sequenced by material changes. They put in value at all levels generous outdoor spaces: private gardens, loggias, balconies, terraces full sky.

Shops on the threshold provide entertainment and come to reinforce the current offer of the Epinettes and Avenue shopping centre Henry Barbusse. Drawing inspiration from the codes of individual housing, buildings on a human scale, high on 3 or 4 floors on the ground floor, continue, perpendicular at rue de Verdun.

Meeting places

At the heart of the domain, the inhabitants meet, talk to each other, greet each other, go home. Public spaces of conviviality operate a transition to more intimate, family spaces. The occupation of the block continues with houses or villas. They are raised on a single floor or a floor surmounted by converted attics, the image of neighbouring pavilions.

An air of family homes

Family houses with terraces and garden with trees are arranged for the most part by 2 and implanted away from the public domain. They are accessible via pedestrian alleys resembling the beguinages or hamlets at the end of the 19th century, early 20th century, having made fashionable trends romantic and picturesque of the time.

The architect Lionel de Segonzac signs here „bourgeois“ style houses, all with of their own writing at the heart of a whole balanced and airy. Their vocabulary highlights work on chromatic harmonies and a great wealth of detail: flat tile roof red or anthracite, skylights, round windows type „oeil-de-boeuf“, louvred wooden shutters, coated luminous, red brick or millstone…

Street townhouses from Armenia

Stone facing combined with sequences in brick, cream coating bringing out the white window frames, pretty skylights with 2 sides escaping from the cap in red tile, wrought iron railings… The houses of the rue d’Armenie are imprinted with noble elegance. Equipped with a garage, they offer, in the quiet of the rear facade, a pleasant garden of pleasure making the whole family happy from the good days.

Their finished attics add another privilege: a large master suite with a bathroom and large dressing room. With these spacious houses of character, designed with the utmost care, the Domaine provides families with a rare and precious quality of life.

Door open to pleasant nature alcoves

To each his own bubble of oxygen On the side of the houses, as on the side of the apartments, private gardens extend the living comfort. The dwellings, exposed to the south, make the most of the sunshine but also the seasonal spectacle of colours, foliage and flowering offered by the vegetation.

As soon as possible, stays and kitchens have the privilege of opening onto these spaces verdant. In continuity with the interior, a paved terrace allows the installation of furniture outdoors. Shrubby hedges come to guarantee the privacy of the occupants.

Beautiful houses of authenticity

A few imposing houses catch the eye from the walker by their facade to the materials authentic: millstone, brick, shutters in wood, massive fireplace and decorative spire in roof… They develop in peace, along with from the pedestrian path, behind an elegant gate ironwork with gate. Their accessibility protected will delight young parents, just as that their terrace and their spacious garden carpeted with lawn.

These models offer the illustration of attention particular extent to the dividing boundaries jardins. In order to minimize overlap, different plant strata are proposed: low shrubs, taller clumps, country hedges semi-evergreen, semi-deciduous combining the essences to ensure a plant presence throughout throughout the year.

A lush natural setting

In the centre of the blocks, construction is limited to a ground floor surmounted by a first floor and converted attic. Trees, as they grow, have any leisure to wrap the villas of a vegetation dense, conducive to seduce old and new neighbourhood residents. The gardens between the new houses give off courtesy green spaces and squares, healthy for the neighbourhood. The composition space of the Domaine positions the pedestrian at the heart of all traffic, relaying the car in the basement. This provision contributes to the safety of the children of the estate as well as to the absolute tranquillity of the place.

Another dimension of comfort

Well-being in unison from the inside and the outside. The light being an essential component of well-being, the implementation of constructions of the domain has been carefully studied for the benefit of an ideal exposure, a guarantee of clarity, and optimum solar gain. With the complicity of the big bay windows, balconies, terraces or gardens, the interior communicates with the outside, and thus offers beautiful visual breaths and sensations openings. Quality fittings and interior design favor refinement, comfort and the privacy of its occupants.

Colourist architect Solveig Tonning

The entrance halls are easily identifiable and participate in giving the residence a remarkable overall quality. These are pleasant spaces for spontaneous sociability between neighbours. Designed by colourist architect Solveig Tonning of workshop 1.2.3 Color, they provide an illustration of additional care taken in the design of this project and his quest for the art of living. Upon entry, the tone is given. “On the ground, we opted for a noble, traditional and very aesthetic material: shiny marble-look tiles.

For us in line with the neoclassical inspiration of the facades and resume their warm side, I proposed to dress the walls with hexagonal mosaics in wood, contemporary and very graphic. In a Nordic Scandinavian spirit, the lights are reflected in the 3 large full-height mirrors. Their very designer golden tones echo the macaroons placed on the floor.

Designer lighting premises

Urban couture, an architecture link, inspired by beautiful buildings and elegant bourgeois houses of Clamart “The architecture that we propose draws its inspiration from heart of the remarkable elements making the quality of Clamart and allowing the project to settle gently in the Monts and Verdun district. We chose to design villas and buildings like those found on the common.

The themes, in terms of architecture, are the Hamlet, the Beguinage, the priest’s garden. the calm of the provincial lane in the middle of the large city… The estate blends into the urban landscape in terms of heights, materials, colours and especially scale. We play on roofs, skylights, covers in slate or tile, balconies, loggias, railings, bands, cornices, the bases, the pilasters, the entrance gates, the coatings, the bricks, the stones, the colors of the facades, joinery openings, etc.

All architectural language sets to music the new district by bringing diversity, decoration and refinement. This writing of the past produces images and memories synonymous with charm, well-being, that should be transmitted to the neighbourhood and to the new inhabitants of this future district.

Noble and durable, the materials used implemented offer a photographic inventory and history of the beautiful villas and characteristic apartment buildings Clamart from the “Belle Epoque”, of the “seaside style”, of the picturesque type… of all these eras having had an objective of charm and cheerfulness…

Benefits quality

Comfort and safety
▪ Entrance halls and common areas designed by a decorator
▪ Access to residences controlled by digicode
▪ Access to common areas controlled by videophone
▪ Solid core landing door fitted with 5-point A2P** security lock
▪ Lifts secured by a digicode or key for access to the basement.
▪ Vigik system
▪ Secure covered parking in the basement, wall and floor paint finish
▪ Transmitter-controlled parking gates with automatic lighting from the basement
▪ Bicycle storage

Comfort and control of your consumption
▪ Collective boiler room for the apartments
▪ Individual GAS boilers for homes
▪ Isophonic floating screed in all rooms
▪ Electric and centralized roller shutters on all bays
▪ RJ45 socket (telephone / TV / Internet) in the living room and bedrooms

High-end interior fittings
▪ Videophone in the entrance
▪ Solid parquet flooring in all the dry rooms of the apartments
▪ Tiled floor on the ground floor of the houses
▪ Floor tiling in wet rooms 60 x 60 or 45 x 80 of your choice
▪ Satin white paint finish on walls and ceilings
▪ Earthenware embellished with listel on all the walls of the bathrooms and bathrooms
▪ Washbasin cabinet surmounted by a light strip In the separate toilets, washbasin and wall-hung toilet with cistern recessed
▪ Mirrors on the cupboards located in the entrance
▪Towel dryers in bathrooms and shower rooms

Landscaped areas
▪ Private gardens
▪ Landscape walk